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Papel (Paper)

Promoting paper creations by the boy and his mama

Papel (Paper)

Papel (Paper) create beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces that are created with the individual in mind and once complete, are then shipped all over the world.

We’ve worked with La Mama, Caroline to produce a variety of promotional pieces; the Papelette, the Pull Strip and the Pattern.


The objective of the Paplette is to accompany each piece of art in order to tell the Papel (Paper) story, their beginnings in the land of ‘W’ and to showcase their Grande Folds and Paper Wearables.


Pull Strip

The Pull Strip was created for an installation in Parliament House. It was a discrete scroll that fit snugly inside the Grande Folds which encouraged closer inspection and deeper engagement with the body of work. It also told the story of Papel (Paper) and fit nicely into their brand story.


The pattern has been created as a graphic element in their brand story and appears as a feature in many promotional pieces.