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When finance and infographics meet


Infographic anyone?

Ipsum Advisors were up for an infographic with the aim to launch their new product, LivePlan.


For those who want to know, keep reading (if not, skip to the stats, they’re always fun). LivePlan is a dynamic business strategy and plan that integrates with your current accounting systems reporting back to you in real-time.

The stats

ASIC reports the three main causes for business failure are:

  1. Cash flow problems;
  2. Lack of strategic management and business planning; and
  3. Poor financial control and reporting.

BUT, did you know many businesses who do fail are actually profitable when they fail? Our minds were blown too.


Apparently, research shows that businesses that actively plan grow 30% faster than those who don’t.


What we did

We put together all the mind blowing stats, a series of illustrations and together with copywriting, on one consolidated image of a mountain climber, turned simple dot points and overwhelming product inclusions into a fun, engaging piece of communication.

Mind. Blown.