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For all people with disability


Some background

Ideas are an organisation who provide high quality accessible and relevant information and community awareness services about disability in partnership with people with disability and their supporters.


As part of their commitment, they launched Ezy-Dun into the world, in conjunction with the PLATFORM project.


Ezy-Dun is an accessible, portable bathroom with a toilet, hoist and adult changing table for people with any disability.


This transportable facility is an essential element in increasing participation of people with mobility disabilities and allowing them to enjoy all day events, just like anybody else.

What we did

External Skin

We were given the task of turning a purpose-built toilet into a statement piece. Something that turned heads. A means to scream at all who saw it, that it wasn’t afraid to be seen.


It needed to be easily recognised amongst the hustle of festivals and events.


Through illustrations, we brought to life, the fact that for the one in five people living with disability, 79% are invisible with only one in five being wheelchair users.


Internal Signage

Ezy-Dun is more than a toilet. It is equipped with resources that require operation, so as well as being instructional, they need to be educational – without being overwhelming.


We used the same icons on the external skin as well as on the internal signage and placed these in contrasting colours, with a font large enough to be accessible from any height or distance within the space.


The Result?

A resource that opens up community and cultural festivals to be more inclusive and accessible for all.


You can see where Ezy-Dun is at next, by visiting their Facebook page.


Funding Partner:

Project Timeline:

February - March 2019

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